Case Study #1

Just get into the market with whatever you got!
This case study is a great example of what happens when you get into the market at a low entry price in a central area instead of leaving your money just sitting in the bank doing next to nothing.
• JD helped V and A get into this place at 310-385 Ginger Drive, New Westminster B.C. in the summer of 2015 for a mere $213,000. These guys were one of my first clients so to this day
• It wasn’t the most luxurious brand new unit in an up and coming area but it was what my clients could afford at the time.
• Their initial deposit was $10,000 and down payment was $20,000 in total.
• Oct 21st 2015 purchased
• March 1st, 2018 sold
• Clients lived in the property for 862 days = 2.36 years
When they sold for $395,000 in early 2018, after paying real estate and closing costs, they walked away with roughly $380,000.
Profit: 380,000-193,000 = $187,000
Keep in mind, JD didn’t even account for the mortgage payments and reduction in the mortgage amount either
They lived in the home so it was TAX-FREE profit
187,000/20,000 (original investment) = 935% return over 2.36 years
If we annualize this, my clients were able to earn 396% per year on their $20,000 investment. Keep in mind, as a principal residence it was TAX-FREE and they used their gains to move into a larger townhome!

Case Study #2

Duty to your client – Persistence pays off Property Address: 9671 157th Street Surrey B.C. (Guildford area) • Listed the property for sale in September of 2017 for $1,248,888 • Had an offer and the buyer discovered some deficiencies upon inspection but were asking for a very unreasonably large...

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Case Study #3

Clients that are willing to listen and follow advice Property Address: 5832 170A Street, Surrey B.C. • My clients purchased the property in August of 2015 (completion October 2015) for $620,000 • At this point, the Vancouver market was on fire but the Fraser Valley hadn’t fully caught up yet ...

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