JD has a proven marketing strategy. As a practical and logical real estate agent, JD knows the difference between wasted resources and methods that produce results. One of JD’s noteworthy mottos is “Results speak Louder than Words” and JD strongly believes that. His track record of real estate successes for his clients is far from fake. In fact, JD has mentored interns in the past who needed help figuring out which marketing strategies to use so that they could deliver on the assignments their clients asked of them.

A big part of marketing is ensuring that documents are easy to read and engage potential clients without giving any fake or misleading information. JD’s extraordinary communication skills help clients and customers understand what they are getting themselves into.

Computer skills and communication skills are important in marketing and JD has the resources to produce the right content.

The right creative marketing allows his clients to achieve slam dunk results and JD’s 100% referral rate is proof for any prospective clients who are considering hiring him to represent their best interests and realize the financial gains to survive in the expensive cities that make up the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

JD’s disciplined approach to marketing proves what he has learned over his nearly 10 years in the industry. Strong ethics are important, and JD believes that advertising and marketing need to engage the public without misleading them.

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