Meet JD

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Meet JD

JD Puri is a strong, disciplined real estate agent who lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.JD has been a licensed REALTOR® for almost a decade and has helped hundreds of clients in the process.

There are so many reasons that Vancouver, including all of the suburbs that surround it, are among the most desirable places to call home in the world. JD knows all the ins and outs of the areas he works in and can guide clients appropriately.

Whether you love being by the water or the hustle and bustle of the downtown Vancouver scene, or whether you prefer to be close to Vancouver but enjoy bigger yards that you can find in Burnaby and other suburbs, JD has the right advice for your needs.

Prior to becoming a real estate agent – JD went to school at the University of British Columbia to become a pharmacist and graduated Valedictorian of his class.

JD started hiscareer as real estate agentto help his family during tough times, when his father had to leave work and mother went back to school for retraining and re-education. JD needed income as a pharmacy student to support his family. However, it quickly became his passion! JD has used his enthusiasm for the profession to fuel his success. Naturally, this meant junior and prospective licensees approached JD for help. JD always reassured and mentored interns and newly licensed agentsbecause real estate is a very tough career to get off the ground and it is easy to become discouraged. JD had to learn the ropes on his own and enjoys helping others achieve success more quickly than he did.

JD can say he is an expert real estate agent and has served clients from as far west as Vancouver and Squamish and as far east as Chilliwack.

JD prefers to focus his work in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam.

He has a great referral network of fellow agents to make sure his clients who live in other areas are also well-advised.

JD truly believes that one cannot be an expert in all of the different areas in the lower mainland as each city has so many nuances and plans. For this reason, to best serve his clients, JD relies on the help of fellow real estate agents in different cities to make sure his clients get the absolutely BEST representation and make sure no details are missed.


He will NOT put his interests above the clients, regardless of the circumstances. Often, JD does not derive any financial gain from a referral situation, but he will still do what is best for the client. When working with JD you will get honest advice every time even if it is not what you want to hear! JD often tells clients who should not buy or sell to sit tight based on his experience and analysis while noting their personal circumstances.

When he is not working tirelessly to help his clients, JD enjoys swimming, basketball, golf, running, reading, and spending time with his growing family. He likes to stay involved in his community and volunteers in many capacities such as basketball coaching, free kitchen initiatives and more.